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Deming New MexicoThe climate and beauty of Luna county beckons you. It is a joy to live, do business, or experience a visit to our area.

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Dear Citizens,

There have been some concerns from the community regarding water leaks around the city. I wanted to keep the public informed of the situation and our process to repair the water lines. 

Over the past two weeks the Water Department has experienced an unusual amount of water line breaks caused by temperature changes and ground movement. When multiple leaks are reported, the water crew is dispatched to the location. Upon arrival, the crew evaluates and prioritizes the repair based on people served, severity, and public safety. In some cases, the line may not be immediately repaired due to other priority leaks needing attention.  The City considers every leak a significant problem but they must approach repair actions by priority. 

Regarding the water leak at 3rd and Silver Streets, the water crew was notified of the water leak at 3rd and Silver Streets on Saturday afternoon, June 13, 2015 around 3:00 pm. The on-call employee surveyed the leak and based on the amount of water at the surface, it appeared the leak needed to be repaired but rather than start late in the afternoon it could wait until Sunday morning. A crew of four was set-up for 8:00 am the next morning. 

Upon arrival water had ponded along the east side of Silver from 3rd to 2nd, the length of one block and it was still not considered a major leak. When the asphalt and soil were removed and the 8-inch water line was exposed, the crack in the pipe opened wider and the water volume increased dramatically.  A total of fifteen valves over a 25 block area had to be shut to stop the flow of water in the 8-inch main line, which is an unusual occurrence. During the effort to stop the flow of water, a considerable amount was pumped into the street and ran for many blocks down 2nd Street. 

The Public Works department apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the water pipe failure and regrets the all-day water outage for the residents and commercial businesses in the area


Thank you,

Benny L. Jasso, Mayor

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Deming's downtown commercial buildings retain much of their historic integrity and remain part of a historic zone.


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Deming NM

Deming is located in the Southwestern part of New Mexico, 33 miles North of the Mexico border, a land of an ever present sun and flowing desert rocks and cacti. Deming has been named a "Rock-Hunters Paradise."


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Deming Center for the Arts The Deming Arts Center is located in downtown Deming on the northwest corner of Gold and Pine. The building, an historic .......

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