Mayor's Corner

Benny Jasso

     Since my last "Mayor's Corner" submission, our Community has experienced the loss of many family members and friends to the Covid-19 virus. The City of Deming has also endured challenges that have tested our resolve and the ability to adapt to situations like those that we have not faced in prior times. I am proud to say that we have adapted well considering the challenges and restrictions that are in place for all New Mexico Communities.

     The City of Deming worked in conjunction with Luna County and Deming Public Schools in an attempt to reduce the negative impact these restrictions have had on our Community. Covid-19 continues to claim lives and the number of citizens testing positive is continually on the rise. As a Community, we need to be cognizant of this fact, and each citizen must be willing to do their part in reducing the spread of this terrible disease.

     I am also asking that the citizens of Deming continue to support each other and our local small business community who are struggling under Covid-19 imposed restrictions. That we continue to exercise patience as we navigate these trying times, remembering that everyone is experiencing similar issues. This is our home and we have always stepped up and helped our neighbors in difficult times.

     The City of Deming is working diligently to continue progressing with current projects despite the impact that Covid-19 has caused. While staff continues to be available, the City is ensuring that safety precautions are being followed in attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. I would like to remind everyone about exercising Covid-19 Safe Practices to work together in getting through this pandemic and becoming a stronger Community.

Thank you, be well and stay safe.

Benny L. Jasso, Mayor