Mayor's Corner


Where else would you want to be but in a small desert town off the I-10 in Deming, New Mexico? A beautiful place to call home. It’s the perfect location to get anywhere you want to go and yet it still maintains a welcoming, neighborly spirit that’s hard to find these days.  Yes, friendly folks who share a smile, say hello and treat you like family.

Does great weather all year round get your attention? Well except for those few super windy days, we’ve got it.  And if it’s Mexican food that warms your heart… we have the best authentic Mexican Restaurants north of the border.

My name is Michele "Micki" Shillito and I am the new Mayor of this great ‘little city’.

Please know that our new City Council is dedicated to making this City the best it can be. Growing downtown businesses, focusing on clean-up projects and creating fields of fun for our children and adults. Come visit during the Annual Duck Races or Salsa Festival.  We have several nice places to stay, a great museum that will take you ‘way back’ and a few fabulous mountain ranges for you to enjoy in a days outing.  There’s so much more for you to discover. Hope to see you soon.

Mayor Michele "Micki" Shillito
City of Deming
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