Museum & Custom House

About the Museum...
Visit the site here. Completed two months after the famous Pancho Villa Raid (March 9, 1916) at Columbus, the Armory later served both as a community social center and a USO activity center.

When the new armory was finished, the Luna County Historical Society purchased this building in 1977 for use as a museum.

You will enjoy many fine exhibits... Too numerous to picture here. Walk down the streets of pioneer Deming; admire the charming ladies' styles of early 1900s. Visit the Quilt - Lace room. Two thousand bells and hundreds of whiskey bottles, portraying every real and fictional character you can name, will hold your attention.

  • There is no admission charge, but contributions are much appreciated.
  • Wheelchair access and a motorized chair lift are available.
  • Visit our museum store while at the museum for mementos and informational material about the Mimbres Indians and other Southwest topics.

Mimbres Indians

mimbresAbout 1,000 years ago the Mimbres Indians lived in villages along the Mimbres River (named by the Spanish explorers). Primitive though they were in other respects, the pictures of daily life they painted inside their pottery reflect their gifted creativity. Enjoy their paintings of animals and birds. We are very proud of our Mimbres Rooms and grateful for these gifts from local residents.

In the adjacent hallway you will find an excellent collection of find basketry. New Mexico Pueblo Indians have been famous for their skills. Also, stop to examine the fine arts and crafts of Western and Alaskan Indians.

Cowboy Exhibit

cowboyFeatured is the huge chuckwagon used on the Diamond A. Ranch - one of the giant spreads of early years in ranching. See other nostalgic glimpses of cowboy life as it was.

The Harvey House

In this restaurant, part of the old Deming railroad station, a graciously served meal was available to travelers on the Second Transcontinental Railway. It was also the social center for the area. The "Harvey Girls" were educated and attractive young women imported from eastern states.

Antique Autos
A 1907 REO purchased by an early merchant was the recent gift to the Antique Car Collection.

Military History

m42 Military History here includes Fort Cummings (1863), Camp Cody (WWI), Deming Army Air Base (WWII) and a memorial to heroes of Bataan Death March. A new section honors local participants of those times and of more recent actions.

Art Gallery

Beyond the Gallery are many interesting exhibits not shown here... antique vehicles, street scenes of early Deming, Indian artifacts, early farm implements, and more.

Doll Room

A most popular exhibit is the Southerland Doll Room. Here you will find dolls carved by pioneers, elegant German-made dolls, storybook dolls, dolls from other lands, books and toys from past generations.

Hispanic Room

Luna County was once part of Mexico, so there is much evidence of the Spanish cultural influence. Wouldn't it be fun to have "Hot Tamales 10 cents" on our street corner!

Custom House

customshouseA small adobe-walled room in the Seaman Fields' home is believed to be the first Customs Office here. Interesting old records can be examined.

One of the oldest residences in Deming, this home portrays gracious living by early pioneer families. Conveniently located across the street from the museum, it is a real charmer.

Hours Of Operation
Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 4:00
Sunday 1:30 - 4:00
Closed - New Years Day - Easter - Thanksgiving - Christmas