Type of Incentive Incentive Summary
Cash Incentives/Grants: Land in the Industrial park, With a LEDA other negotiated incentives. (Local Economic Development Ordinance)
Job Training Incentives/Grants: Western New Mexico University and Dona Ana Branch Community College have branches in Deming at the Mimbres Valley Learning Center and can set up training programs to fit your needs. The State Economic Development Department also offers In Plant Training, this program will pay up to 60% of the salary of your employees while in training for up to 6 months.
Tax Abatements: The City of Deming and Luna County are very willing and able to approve Industrial Revenue Bonds for your project, if you choose. With an IRB your property tax is abated for the life of the bonds.
Tax Credits: Deming/Luna County is an Enterprise Community, which allows us the opportunity to offer companies a tax credit for any employee that is between the ages of 18 and 24 and is a resident of Luna County. This is through the Department of Labor program – Work Opportunity Credit. Other tax credits are through the state.
Land Grants for a Build-to-Suit: The City of Deming offer’s our Industrial Park land for $1,000. per acre with the contingency that you employee 5 for every acre purchased. 
Site Infrastructure Improvement Incentives (Utilities, Fiber Optics, Roads, etc.): Our Industrial Park has all utilities water sewer and gas are right to the property line of each lot. The City of Deming is the water, sewer and gas provider. Telephone services are Qwest ( we don’t have fiber yet but hope to in the near future) Power New Mexico is the Electricity provider (PNM)  Roads are paved to this site.
Project Financing Incentives: USDA has programs for financing that gives your project special consideration because we are an Enterprise Community designated through the Federal USDA.
Job Screening and EmployeeProcurement Assistance: The Department of Labor will advertise jobs and take applications at their office for the employee screening process.
University Scholarships & Grants: The Department of Labor is a One- Stop- Shop and offers money for training through the Workforce Investment Act program. City’s EDC office will assist you.
Priority Permitting for Construction Permits: This is a part of the USDA Grant mentioned above and the City of Deming will accommodate your needs for the permitting process.
Restriction on Incentives Offerings to Future Call Center Operations: N/A
Press Coverage Guarantees: The Newspaper is very cooperative and the City’s Economic Development Department will assist you in this area also.